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Staying With the Catholic Church:

Trusting God's Plan of Salvation

Various scandals have rocked the Church, and Catholics are facing a crisis of faith in the institution they believe Christ founded. Staying with the Catholic Church shows how the Church is a perfect body with imperfect members. This book reassures readers that the Christ remains the head of His Church, even as sinners minister to sinners within her.

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Praise for Staying with the Catholic Church

The parable of the wheat and the weeds -- Christ's warning in Matthew 13:24-30 that his Church will always be home to both great saints and great sinners -- is an especially apt one for this Catholic moment. David Bonagura makes a powerful case for listening to the Lord, remaining within the Body of Christ, working for the Church's purification, and getting on with the New Evangelization.  

George Weigel

Distinguished Senior Fellow and William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies

Ethics and Public Policy Center


David Bonagura has put his finger on a particularly sore spot in the Church today. Not only our fellow believers, but even some of our leaders at the highest levels sound an uncertain trumpet, over and beyond the loss of moral authority caused by the abuse crisis. In simple, clear language - the kind of straight talk we need at a moment like this - he explains both why we should never abandon Christ’s own Church, his vehicle of salvation, and how we can each stay faithful despite the many challenges all around us at present.

Robert Royal, Ph.D.

President, Faith and Reason Institute


At a time when the Catholic Church is suffering from declining membership, parishes and schools closing, and the revelation of clerical sexual abuse and cover-ups by Church authorities, many people want to know why they should remain faithful to the Church. David Bonagura has given us a well-written, easy to read guide with this simple and life-changing answer: The Church is where we meet Christ. Faithfulness to Him in His Church is what Christ asks of every one of his followers.

Father Gerald E. Murray, J.C.D.

Pastor, Holy Family Church, New York City


Bonagura's book is an excellent fill-in for in-person catechesis for kids and adults who want or need to learn about the Church. 

Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing

David Bonagura honestly acknowledges the failings of Church leaders and Catholics in history while at the same time focusing on the divine foundations of the Church that call us to remain faithful to the mission of the Catholic Church and her Founder, Jesus Christ. Bonagura has challenged us to deepen our commitment to the spiritual treasures that the Church generously shares with us through Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, the Creed, the Sacraments, Catholic moral teaching, and the witness of the saints and mystics throughout the Church’s history. Bonagura’s timely and readable book, Staying with the Catholic Church, will be a blessing for anyone who wishes to understand why many Catholics still love their Church and remain faith to the Splendor of Truth that the Church teaches, leading them to holiness and eternal life.

Bishop John O. Barres, S.T.D., J.C.L.

Diocese of Rockville Centre

Staying with the Catholic Church shores up loyalty to the Faith with some basic truths. It's a reassuring guide that will strengthen one's love for the Faith.

Legatus Magazine

David Bonagura makes a most credible case for 'staying with the Church' despite the harm done by sinners in the bosom of the Church.... If you know such people [leaving the Church], make a gift of this book to them - it could be a serious help to their eternal salvation.

The Catholic Response

This short but powerful book is a concise and clear presentation of what the Church does and who she is.... Bonagura’s ability to craft compelling arguments that recap ancient truths about the logic of our faith is refreshing and inspiring.

Thomas Griffin, Catholic Exchange

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